Kisaan Die Tech’s main offices and manufacturing facility are located in Ghaziabad, an industrial centre near New Delhi, India. The company was founded in 2005, by a group of forging industry veterans, including Om Prakash Arora. The company grew from one closed die hammer into an integrated facility comprising several hammers, a precision machine shop and a heat treatment facility.

Kisaan Die Tech has distinguished itself from its competition by strictly adhering to high quality standards and on-time delivery. As the capacity of Kisaan Die Tech’s facilities has increased, new certifications have been obtained. Our rigorous vendor qualification program ensures that only vendors who can meet our standards for quality, traceability and process conformance are selected. At various points during the manufacturing process, samples are taken and tested to ensure that quality standards are met.

Kisaan Die Tech began forging flanges and has since expanded its product range to include rings, couplings, gear blanks, power transmission shafts, and tube sheets. These products can be manufactured from carbon, alloy and stainless steels and can be heat treated and/or precision machined on-site. Kisaan Die Tech can also produce custom parts to client specifications.

In 2013, Mr Arora assumed majority ownership of Kisaan Die Tech. With senior management and engineering personnel that average over 25 years of forging industry experience, Kisaan Die Tech is well-positioned to continue serving its clients in Asia and Europe and to expand its distribution network into North America.