Forging improves the strength and toughness of metals while reducing the weight of specific components. The fundamental act of metal forging entails the application of large forces to consolidate mechanical imperfections inherent to cast metals. These imperfections, notably micro shrinkage, low–density areas and gas porosity can lead to the premature failure of components.

During the forging process, the coarse grain structure that results from casting is broken up and replaced by finer grains. This produces components with a higher, more uniform density and improved structural integrity. Forging can also provide weight savings in components by aligning the grain direction to obtain desired directional strengths.

The Heat Treatment of forged metals further enhances their mechanical properties. Our trained staff can perform heat treatment and microstructure analysis on any of our forgings, according to industry standards or to client specifications.


A pipe flange is a disc, collar or ring used to connect two pipes or one pipe to another component, while providing increased support and strength. Pipe flanges can also be used for the blocking of pipes or to facilitate the attachment of other components. Forged flanges offer greater strength at a lower weight and improved toughness. More Information

Tube Sheets

A tube sheet is a perforated plate designed to accommodate pipes or tubes. These sheets provide support and isolate tubes for many different applications, notably in heat exchangers and boilers. Forged tube sheets offer higher strength and toughness at a lower weight. More Information


Forged rings have a wide range of industrial applications. Kisaan Die Tech’s high quality, forged rings can be found in industrial equipment in the textile, pulp and paper, mining, aerospace, and power generation industries.

Forged rings offer greater longevity and toughness at a lower weight and have higher resistance to impact and fatigue failure. More Information


Forged shafts are ideal for power transfer and other critical applications. The high strength to weight ratio of forged shafts and improved impact resistance makes them ideal for applications such as engine crankshafts, marine propeller shafts, and wind turbine shafts. More Information


Couplings are used to transmit power by connecting two pieces of rotating equipment. The high strength to weigh ratio of forged couplings results in improved longevity and system efficiency. More Information

Gear Blanks

Gear blanks are used for the manufacture of gears. Gears made from forged gear blanks provide enhance longevity due to increased toughness and higher fatigue strength. The reduced weight of forged gear blanks results in increased system efficiency. More Information

Non Standard / Custom Forgings

The improved mechanical properties of forged components can be applied to most critical applications and can improve overall system efficiency and performance in non-critical applications.

Kisaan Die Tech can work with you to design, forge and finish complex components for any application. Please contact us for more Information